Effective identification security from ProtectMyID ® , a brandname you trust

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Effective identification security from ProtectMyID ® , a brandname you trust

Effective identification security from ProtectMyID ® , a brandname you trust

Some tips about what ProtectMyID ® PLATINUM gives you:

Experian CreditLock

Control who are able to access your Experian credit history with CreditLock. Effortlessly secure your report anytime to assist avoid fraudulent task.

Rating Variance Alerts

Track your VantageScore ® progress to get notified if it rises or down.

Real-Time Credit Inquiry Alerts

Get informed in realtime when various credit-related actions you are taking may impact your Experian credit file.

Credit Monitoring

Know the way your financial actions impact your credit by monitoring all three credit agencies within one location that is convenient.

Experian Credit File (upon enrollment)

View your available and shut credit records, re re payment history, credit inquires, and much more.

Experian VantageScore 3 (refreshed regular)

Start to see the credit rating utilized by some loan providers to judge your creditworthiness.

VantageScore ® Tracker

Track a convenient graph to your VantageScore ® progress that presents your score.

Real-Time Identity Alerts

Notifies you in real-time via text or e-mail if an identification thief utilizes your private information to start a brand new account, or validate your identification. This could restrict the full time a fraudster needs to abuse important computer data which help you quickly minmise damage that is potential.

Personal Security Quantity Monitoring

Generates a study of all names and aliases related to your SSN, and alerts you in cases where a brand new title or alias is added.

Bank-account & Bank Card Takeovers

Be alerted in case the identification can be used to start brand brand new records, or if perhaps unauthorized modifications are created to accounts that are existing.

Lost Wallet Protection

Cancel and change credit, debit, medical cards, and much more with one call.

Fraud Resolution Help

A u.S.-based Fraud Resolution Agent delivers step-by-step support to investigate and restore your identity if you experience ID theft.

As much as $1 Million in Identity Theft Insurance 4

Reimburses you for several qualified costs connected with ID theft, including lost wages, appropriate costs, and fund that is electronic.

Dark Web Surveillance

Scans online sources recognized for illegally investing information that is personal such as for instance your Social Security quantity, and notifies you should your identification might be at an increased risk.

Change of Address Alerts

Get a notification in the event your mail is rerouted through the U.S. Postal provider.

Court Public Records Monitoring

Alerts you in case a unlawful work is scheduled or reported within the court system utilizing your information that is personal.

Child Identification Monitoring 5

Keep a watchful attention in your young child’s title and Social protection quantity, to identify indications of identification theft on websites online understood for illegally investing information that is personal. Includes social networking Monitoring, which scans your son or daughter’s social media account(s) and notifies you if privacy or reputational dangers are spotted on your own kid’s profile.

Positive Credit Activity Alerts

Get news that is good you can find good modifications to your credit file, like whenever you pay back a charge card.

Credit Limit and Use Alerts

Notifies you if you can find major modifications to your credit limitations or usage reported in your credit files.

Dormant Bank Card Monitoring

Notifies you if task is spotted on a charge card that has been unused for six months or higher, which may be an indicator of identification theft.

Social Networking Monitoring

When triggered, scans your social media account(s) and notifies you if privacy or reputational dangers are spotted in your profile.

Cash Advance Monitoring

Obtain an alert when your private information is employed to simply just simply take a payday loan out. These loans do not require a credit check and may otherwise go undetected.

Intercourse Offender Monitoring

Provides reports on intercourse offenders located in your neighborhood, and notifies you if an offender attempts to register together with your identification.

ProtectMyID user, Oklahoma

Real ProtectMyID user – name and photo have already been changed to safeguard the user.


What exactly is identification theft?

Identification theft takes place when some one makes use of your private information without your permission to commit fraudulence or other criminal activity. Information together with your date of delivery, title, license, or Social protection quantity could be used to take your identification.

What exactly are warning indications of identification theft?

Some indicators consist of home bills maybe not being delivered, credit or applications being rejected, getting statements for acquisitions you did not make, fraudulent transactions showing up in your records, your income tax return being declined, and tiny costs showing up in your charge card statements.

Just how do I reduce the risk of ID theft?

To attenuate your chance of identification theft, do not share your own personal information, create strong passwords and make use of authentication that is two-factor just to remain to secure Wi-Fi internet web web web sites, improve your social media marketing settings to “private”, put up bank card and monetary alerts, monitor your credit rating, and give a wide berth to utilizing debit cards while shopping on the web.