The best board games for children.

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The best board games for children.

The best board games for children.

Parents are always in search of useful and educational hobbies that the child will like. Board educational games

What is important to consider when choosing a board game:

Manufacturer’s age. The game should be appropriate for the company, but very often younger children can be involved. The number of players.

Some board games are better played in a large group, while others are designed for only two. Genre and subject. Each child has their own interests, favorite cartoons or characters.

It is important to choose what you really like: whether it be space travel or pirate adventures.

Rating of board games for children.

This rating of board games for children will help in choosing, there was a place for Translate word “TUNKEN” from German to English good educational board games, and fun games, and family strategies.

A fun game for children that perfectly develops reaction, attentiveness and coordination. This fast and easy game from 6 years old will amuse companies of all sizes. Players take turns revealing the top card of their deck, which determine their role: a harmless fly, a chameleon, or a dangerous snake. Matched the color of the opponents’ cards

This addicting game will appeal to children who love detective stories. The sly fox stole the pie, and now a team of young detectives is collecting evidence and calculating the criminal using a special decoder. On BoardGameGeek, Treacherous Fox is ahead of other popular games for kids and is ranked fourth.

This is no coincidence: the game develops logic, teaches teamwork and helps adults to diversify family leisure. Learn more about the game.

Save Dino

One of the most interesting board games. In this bright and light game for 2-6 people, you control monsters and destroy the capital of Japan and your opponents. Roll dice and collect combinations to attack opponents, heal and evolve. A gambling competition that is suitable for both a fun company of adults and active children 8 years old and older.

High competition and rivalry will help the child learn to win and lose with dignity. The game is included in the Top 50 Best Family Board Games. Learn more about the game.

A funny and gambling game in a beautiful design based on the famous fairy tale. The children have a difficult choice: to take the easy path and build from straw, or make an effort and build reliable walls. Players take turns rolling the door, roof, and window dice. The number of dice dropped determines the building material

A lively and active game for a large company, where everyone can fool around. Children at the same time depict simple tasks, the number of which dropped out on the cubes. For example, they show how to brush their teeth or eat ice cream. Here is only one participant gets the role of a monkey. The player with such a card must quickly understand what the others are portraying and repeat after them so that he is not calculated.

Keskife perfectly develops imagination and directs children’s energy in a peaceful direction, and also amuses even serious adults. Learn more about the game.

In this incendiary and active game, participants catch cardboard insects of different colors and sizes using special sticky

One of the most popular board games that children and adults alike enjoy. Simple rules, fun gameplay, unpredictability and great game components. You will turn into wizards looking for magic items in an intricate maze, whose walls move every turn.

The situation in the game is constantly changing, so use logical and strategic thinking to complete tasks faster than your opponents. An exciting race where kids need to find the best route, follow the actions of others and plan carefully. Learn more about the game.

If your child loves animals and puzzles, play Cat’s Paw or Dogs, go ahead. These are fun and adorable board games for spatial thinking and reaction. In these games, children quickly assemble intricate shapes from cubic pets, trying to reproduce the task on the card they got. An intellectual competition where children need to be quick and alert.

And even older guys will like different difficulty modes. Learn more about Kitty Paw and Doggy Go.